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Do You Need Long-Term Care Insurance? 

Thinking too far into the future isn't something we all do on a regular basis. Insurance isn't a very exciting topic to ponder. Between health, car, life and home; aren't we covered enough? Maybe not. 

Having health insurance covers doctor's, procedures, ER visits, many medicines, therapies and more. But with advances in medicine, health education technology, people are living longer lives. Longer lives can often mean living with long term health conditions which can make living independently more of a challenge. 

When you think about your future and health , Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) are over looked. ADL's are things like bathing, using the restroom, dressing, personal hygiene and preparing meals. All these things can be taken for granted when it's easy for us to do on our own. But down the road simply taking care of yourself could be a large challenge.  

Home Health Aids are there to make your daily living easier, more enjoyable and healthier. Health insurance often DOES NOT cover the cost of a Home Health Aid. Long-Term Care Insurance may help cover these necessary costs. Easing the financial burden for you and your family. 

So while we can't say for certain that you need long term care insurance, we feel considering a policy could give you peace of mind and possibly much needed help should the need arise. 




Grace Terry

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