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We all know there is no end in sight to the everyday chores that must be done. Even when we are sick or hurt the dishes, laundry and general household up keep must be completed. So what happens when your parents aren't well enough to keep up on the chores for themselves and you have to work? Hiring a weekly cleaning service is a great idea to keep areas like the bathroom, dinning rooms and the rest of the house deep cleaned. But most cleaning services can't be there daily to do dishes a few times a day, wipe the counters and keep the floors swept. Plus, costs would add up very quickly! 

Your Home Health Aid & Light Housekeeping 

Your In-Home Health Caregiver is there to care for the health needs of your loved one but is also there to make life easier. That includes keeping the house tidy on every shift! We recognize our clients needs to feel comfortable in their home and how that can effect their overall well being. We believe having assisting the family with light house keeping can help make everyone feel more relaxed! 

Light Housekeeping services from your parents Home Health Aid takes a large burden off your shoulders as well. When you come to visit them you can enjoy their presence without the looming pressure of keeping up with the chores. 

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What Does Light Housekeeping Look Like? 

While your Home Health Aid won't be scrubbing toilets or bath tubs they will provide services such as... 

  • Dishes
  • Meal clean up 
  • Wiping counters 
  • Sweeping and or vacuuming
  • Taking the trash out
  • Replacing bathroom items like toilet paper 
  • General tidying of the home 

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