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What are in-home health care referral services? 

Graceful Living has recently started offering "referral services" but what does that mean? In-home health care referral services are services provided by a company on behalf of the family to find quality home health care providers. 

What does the referral service include? 

We have been on the front lines of home health care for years. We know how hard it is to find great AND affordable in-home health care in Oakland County and surrounding areas! When you hire Graceful Living for referral services you get 

  • A personalized family profile that helps us understand your family's needs.
  • A custom job listing created for you.
  • We sort through every single applicant. The ones who meet initial qualifications move on to the next step.
  • We review and verify all information on their resumes.
  • We call all references (at least three required to apply). 
  • We conduct phone interviews with each pre-qualified candidate.
  • If they pass the initial phone interview we will run a complete background check to verify identity, criminal and sexual record, driving record. 
  • Create a Caregiver Profile for you to review the screened candidates information, resumes, background checks and responses from references ( you will also have reference contact names if you would like to speak to them personally as well) 
  • Assistance setting up interviews.
  • Resources provided to help you with the process of employing a household employee. 

Why hire your caregiver direct? 

You can hire a in-home health care provider trough an agency or directly. A few benefits of direct hire are..

  • Complete control over who your caregiver(s) are. An Agency can send who ever they have available to staff your job so there is not as much choice in a caregiver. 
  • Control over employment agreement. As long as your agreement is legal and your caregiver agrees to the contract you set the terms of employment - not an agency.
  • Control over job duties. You include what you expect of the caregiver and we find a provider who who will gladly meet your needs. An agency has it's duties clearly laid out and sticks to them. 
  • Cost savings. Companies have a LOT of overhead. So even when they want to charge lower rates cost of doing business with hike up the hourly rate. 
  • Rate negotiation. You and the caregiver will  discuss and come to an agreement on price. An agency will not offer that option. 
  • Freedom to pay your caregiver a fair wage. Some agencies will pay their caregivers very little. People who are not paid well may not work well. 

What types of services do home health caregivers provide? 

Each family and individuals have different health care needs and concerns. We will match you with the home health caregiver(s) that can provide the level of service you require. 

  • Rehabilition
  • Post operation help 
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries 
  • Cancer Paitents 
  • Dialysis Patients 
  • Alztehmiers and Dementia patients
  • Physical Injuries
  • Car accident victims
  • Alterniavitve feeding support
  • Companion Care
  • And more! 


Is home health care right for you? 

If you are not sure if home health care is right for you or your family members situation give us a call and we can help you through the process. We can set up an in home assesment to better understand your needs and evaulate the level of care you need. 


If you are ready to find your direct hire home health caregiver fill out our family application here


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