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Headache Relief Tips

We all have likely experienced a headache a time or two in our lives. We all know they are not enjoyable and when one strikes we do whatever it takes to make it go away. Some over the counter or prescription medicines work wonders on headaches but sometimes they either don't work or you want/need to avoid medicine if possible. Here are a few tricks you can try on your own or have your In-Home Health Care provider assist you with. 



Take a cold compress and lay it over your eyes and another on the base of your neck. Lay down or get in another comfortable position to relax and try taking deep breaths. 


Headaches can be triggered by mineral and vitamin unbalances. Try taking a quality magnesium supplement and adding an epsom salt bath a few times a week. Potassium and magnesium work together so make sure to eat your bananas! 


Hydration is key for overall health but that certainly includes keeping headaches at bay! Make sure to get the recommended amount of water per day and drink even more during a headache. 


Some essential oils may help ease a headache. Peppermint, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus can be helpful. Smell the bottle, use a diffuser or apply to the head or neck area. NEVER put pure essential oil directly on skin. Always put it in another oil first. You can try coconut or oilive oil. Also, NEVER ingest oils.  



Headaches can be triggered by food! If you are having frequent headaches keep a food diary and record and headaches that correlate with the food you ate. Your In-Home Health aid can help you with this too!


A chiropractor can help tremendously with headaches. Schedule an appointment when you feel one coming on and considering going on a regular basis. If you need referrals we have wonderful recommendations for Oakland County and surrounding areas. 


Try getting a professional message during a headache. It can help loosen tight muscles and relax you after not feeling well. A In-Home Health aid can help here too or a loved one. 

Grace Terry

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