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Often times as we age and our bodies and minds change we find that we can't do things quite like we used to. Our hobbies are modified or lost forever. Arthritis steals the joy of playing a piano or strumming a guitar. A hip surgery turns mile runs into short walks. Playing catch with your dog turns into snuggles on the couch instead. 

Sometimes changes like this are unavoidable. We all age. We all adjust to our maturing bodies and our lifestyle becomes different as we do. This doesn't have to be a negative thing but it can feel negative a times. 

At Graceful Living we aren't just a home health care company. We are people who care deeply about the families we serve and want to help them get the most out of life! So while we can't make your body or mind what it once was we can help you enjoy life in the body you now have! 

How we help you stay you! 

We get to know our clients on a personal level. What they love to do and what makes their heart happy! Even with physical and mental limitations we try to help incorporate their passions into everyday life. 

  • We can help connect you with a therapist who specializes in an issue you are having to help you rebuild strength to start doing what you love again.
  • We will encourage you as you try getting back into the habit of doing your hobby. 
  • Help you manage any pain that may come from trying something new or an old hobby again. 
  • Participate in your hobby alongside with you if you desire! Sometimes having a walking budy or someone learning the guitar with you can make it more fun and rewarding! 
  • Help you remember the things you love to do and encourage you to try again. 
  • Take you to a rec center that has a gym, indoor walking, swimming or dancing! 
  • Take you to see a show or ballet if that's something you love to do . 
  • Get you out in nature or back in the garden! 
  • Take you to classes like cooking or painting. 


The possibilities are endless! We want to help you love and enjoy your life! We do more than in home health care! We care for the mind, body and soul!

Grace Terry

Graceful Living In-Home Health Care, 7688 Highland Road, Waterford Township, MI, 48327