Whether it's you or your loved one, transitioning home from the hospital can be overwhelming. With a new or existing diagnosis or injury you and your family may be physically and mentally exhausted. Life may have to be lived with unique challenges than before and coping can be hard. We, along with your medical doctor, help you to adjust and manage the process. 

Graceful Living's Personal Assistant Liaisons provide physical, emotional and educational support. Our team helps individuals with daily tasks such as bathing, cleaning the home, grocery shopping and preparing meals. Personal Assistant Liaisons support the individual to reflect their capacity of self-care. Transferring, using the restroom, dining assistance and mobility are some of the tasks they help with. 

We assist with medication management, adapting to physical or mental changes, wound care, daily life activities and personal care. We are also insured to drive you to and from appointments and social occasions. 

Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for the entire family!